Just a short intro to why I’m doing this.

Bottom line……

I want to bring people to Christ. I’ve been praying for several weeks on how I could make a difference. This all started when I became so overwhelmed with what the world has become. How everyone has chosen paths that lead to nowhere. Where people can’t discuss anything without the conversation turning hateful. Where people choose to do things that are based on immediate gratification or take the easy way in life by claiming “I identify as this or that”.

Sadly, Christianity is on the decline and it shows. I am hoping this blog will help bring people to Christ. I am by no means perfect or trained in Ministry, but I know in my heart that the way to a beautiful life and world, is through Him. God has called me over the last few weeks to write. About what…..

It will depend on what He tells me to write about. I hope it will always be His will, and draw others closer to Him.